Shift Happens

Written by Julie Holmwood
We are changing all the time. Evolving as people, changing our beliefs, acquiring new habits.

You might think your life is pretty stable, but think back twelve months, or twenty-four months even. Where were you then? What were your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Did you have specific goals? Have you already achieved them and beyond?

Every time we set ourselves a goal and we surpass it we grow in confidence. Confidence in our own physical abilities to do XYZ and confidence in something unseen, that Universal force that literally moves heaven and earth to bring to us the opportunities and circumstances that we seek

As you sit, planning which parties to attend this month, you will probably be thinking about what 2011 is going to bring. Will it be a year of wishes fulfilled? Or will it be a year of wealth and abundance beyond your wildest dreams?

2011 could be your year. It has real possibility to the be the one that changes your life forever and in all of the ways you hoped.

But to make change, first we have to change. If you think of yourself as a giant attraction magnet, you will pull some things to you and repel others (you know how magnets work, right). It is fair to say that it is clear to see your current attraction point. You can see it by way of what is showing up in your life. What you have and what is coming

To get something different you have to first be something different. You have to make that shift. Scale up a gear, sidestep a little, change your gratitude levels. Nothing that costs money and nothing that is physically challenging in the way of climbing Mount Everest.

Just a quick shift in mindset and all that takes is commitment to 'faking it' until your subconscious takes over and adopts it as a new way of being. This can take as long as 30 days

So here is my thought.

You plan to be thinking for the next 30 days anyway, right? I mean, you will think of something, won't you. Of course you will. We all think, all of the time. So why not commit to make it conscious thinking in a way that will change your attraction point? It might be a little more effort, because you will have to remember to BE different.

But just think of the changes that could happen from the beginning of January on … goal setting … let's get ready to blow those babies out of the water

If you want help working out how to shift then you might enjoy another project I am involved in. You can become a member of the Gratitude Group by clicking the link and following the instructions
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