Should I Stay or Should I Go Now …

This seems to be a really common question with an uncommon answer. Or maybe the same answer you already have. There are a number of factors you should consider when you’re thinking about changing companies. To stop yourself going from the frying pan to the fire you might want to ask yourself a few questions;
         What is my ultimate career aim and does staying where I am fulfil that?
         Do I have a precise role in mind that I want to move into?
         Will moving into said role get me closer to my long-term career goal?
         Have I outgrown my current role?
         Am I relatively happy other than wanting more challenges and bigger projects?
I have seen SO many people that are unhappy with their lives in general change jobs. Only to find that they are still unhappy. Perhaps it is because I’m an outsider looking on, or maybe it is because I’m a coach, but that holds no surprises for me. However, it always amazes the person in question; probably because they are too emotionally involved in the day-to-day minutiae of their lives to stand back and see the bigger picture.
If you are having an issue with a colleague and that is driving your unhappiness and general discontent, try to resolve it. Work on forgiving them (and yourself) to remove the emotions from the situation. Try and view the object of your annoyance as you would one of your children. Imagine that your child had done or said what your colleague did; how would you react? I’m not suggesting that you try to parent your co-workers, rather look at them through loving eyes. If you can resolve the issue, you may still want to move, but you have two great benefits now. You know the reason for wanting to move is role related rather than environment. Plus you have learnt to overcome a tough challenge which will stand you in good stead for your next company.
The current average for a person to stay within a role is three-four years. This does change from industry to industry and is different from level to level. However, if you have less than three years in post it is going to raise questions when you are on the CV send out trail. If you have multiple roles that are less than three years (and you are not a contractor) then you might find yourself being de-selected before you even get off the starting blocks.
Think about what is making your feet so itchy. Contemplate how you want your career to look, five or ten years from now, Keep the goal in mind and make smart decisions that will get you closer to where you want to be. Life is a journey to be enjoyed and if things are extremely upsetting then maybe moving is the right thing for you. Bear in mind that the cross-section of humanity that is in your current employer also exists in the company down the road and the company round the corner too. If you are unhappy with your life in general, other changes might be more beneficial than a new job.
Then really the answer is uniquely yours; should you stay or should you go now …. Over to you
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