Use LinkedIn to Shout it from your Laptop

Written by Julie Holmwood

Are you using LinkedIn?

Traditionally people shouted from rooftops. In these modern times (and bearing in mind the many health and safety regulations) I think it is time to shout it from your laptop (iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad … )
What should you shout? All about YOU! The subject you know more about than any other living person. You are an expert on the topic of you and your combination of skills, experience, character and ambition is uniquely yours
So how do you do that?

The best way that I know of to put your best professional foot forward is via LinkedIn.

With over 80 million professional profile pages they are the largest resource of personal work related data online and as a result they are the most frequented resource for recruiters (internal within an organisation and external in the form of recruitment consultants and headhunters)
Companies are using LinkedIn as one of their primary resources for sourcing passive candidates and as such it is like Oxford Street in rush hour. Your information will be more frequently viewed as a result of having a great LinkedIn page than it will be by sending out your CV on a blanket send out.
Think about your own preference and see if you agree with my assessment? People are much more interested in reading data they’ve searched for than reading the overload of information that is hitting their inboxes on a daily basis. Does this sound like you? Are you looking in your inbox for the solution to your current challenge or are you keying a search into Google?
By creating a great page on LinkedIn you can do two things; increase awareness about your unique abilities and put yourself in the line of sight of people who are looking for them
Even if you are not currently looking for a new role you might want to;
Increase your speaking engagements?
Be asked to comment on an up and coming book?
Be in the group of people selected to trial a new product or service?
Being known as an expert in XYZ will get anyone also interested in XYZ interested in you. The opportunities from that point are only limited by your imagination


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