Six small years …

What were you doing six years ago? Where were you working in 2004? What were you earning? What was your goal? Did you have any defined goals? Were they written down? Did you make some kind of activity towards them everyday?

Where are you now? What are you doing in 2010? What will you earn this year? Have you achieved the goals you set in 2004? What are your current goals? Are they defined? Do you have them written down? Are you making some kind of activity towards them everyday?

Mark Zuckerberg and three friends founded Facebook in 2004 whilst they were studying at Harvard. This started as a part-time opportunity to create a social network for people within their university. It was something that no-one knew they needed and yet yesterday they reached 500 million members. The company has a market value of $5billion and Mark is the world’s youngest billionaire with an estimated personal worth of $4billion. He dropped out of Harvard.

Watching a presentation by Jim Rohn yesterday which included the story of his success I was interested to note that his journey from nowhere to millionaire (it was the 1960s and that was a lot of money) took him about six years. Maybe that is all it takes? Six small years to become an overnight success!

Six years from now what will you be doing? Will you have achieved your current goals? Will you be successful beyond your wildest dreams? What are you doing today to take one step on that journey?

It is really easy to drift and get stuck in what can only be described as Groundhog Day. Much easier to do what you did yesterday all over again than it is to create a new habit and do something different. But if you were doing something similar six years ago to that which you are doing today and you don’t want to be doing the same thing six years from now then you have to make some changes. Things will only change when you change. The person you are right now, with the activity that you take and the habits that you have, created the life you are living right now. To get more you have to be more

Think of your professional goals like you would an exercise goal. If you decided to run a marathon you would search for a training programme used by people that have already run 26.2 miles and see exactly what is involved. You would research the marathons available to you and make an application to the one that best suits your vision. You would buy proper running shoes, Vaseline, possibly new songs for your iPod. You might find a running partner, join a running club, hire a coach. You might stick your training schedule to your fridge and to your pin-board in the office. You might research the optimum diet and change some of your shopping and eating habits. You might be very diligent in drinking more water. You would start the training. You would probably follow the plan to the letter. You might start driving new journeys to check mileage and pick new running routes. You would do more training. Depending how fit you were at the start and how much running you’ve done in your life would depend on how much of a stretch it is going to be for you to get up to that distance. But I, you, and probably everyone you ever speak to will know someone that knows someone who has gone from taking no exercise at all to successfully completing a marathon. My point? It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done or what you already know and what you need to learn. With the right plan, the right behaviour, the right attitude and consistent activity you will reach your goal. Everyone that does everything they can to achieve their dream will reach it, come so close it doesn’t matter, or become successful beyond their wildest dreams.

You are living anyway. You are getting up and doing activity all day everyday anyway. You are following a plan anyway. Why not make it THE plan. The one that is going to get you somewhere you want to go. There are three kinds of people in the world; the ones that make it happen, the ones that watch it happen and the ones that don’t know what happened. Who is going to join me in the first group?

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