The Beauty of a Belief …

Do successful people have a higher IQ than you, more friends, more knowledge, more ideas … or do they just have more belief?
When you look at people that have achieved your dreams; they have the money, the house, the relationship, the family, the job, the stuff that you want … what is it about them, that is so fundamentally different to you?  What makes them able to achieve your goal while you are still in the dreaming about it state? Have you ever asked yourself the question; because I have? What answers did you come up with?
When I looked at successful people; the people living the life of my dreams, I realised this. They had the same opportunities at some point in their life that I have right now. So did they make a right choice? Should I sit and sweat over a decision? Can I make a wrong decision? Now there’s an interesting question with a divided answer. I would say no, there are no wrong decisions. Because everything you choose takes you on a journey and every journey can be a happy one. I was going to say have a happy ending, but do we ever really reach the end?
When you get in your car you can go North, South, East or West. Every road will take you somewhere. Some places you might want to go, some you might not. You might want to go to Surrey but have doubts about the M25 (eek!). So you might think South is a great direction and I love the destination, but I’m really not keen on the journey. North might take you to Birmingham. You might rule that out too. East might take you to the Norfolk coast; sound attractive? Nice roads, lovely scenery, great destination. West might take you to Bristol. The journey might have good and bad elements but you might not like the destination as much as the coast or Surrey. So you weigh it all up and go East. You could just as easily pick any of the other three. Is there a wrong way to go? No, never. Are they all roads to somewhere different; yes they are. Are elements the same; yes they are the same but different. The rest of your life is like that too …
So, you have the same opportunities, you can make any decision, what else?
What about belief? How about if you set off knowing you are going to have a fabulous time. Knowing it will all work out. Knowing you are on the right road to the life of your dreams. What if by knowing this you get offers, opportunities, exciting prospects along the way that you didn’t expect? What if you take the ones that really excite and inspire you? Now you’re creating your own road which goes as the crow flies. You might have very little traffic with you on this road so the journey is fast but still great fun. What if you believe so much, you dream about your next steps? What if you take those steps when you wake up? What if you allow yourself to be swept along on the tide of your belief? What if you ignore completely, anyone that tells you anything less than positive about what you’re doing? What if you don’t even mix with those people anymore and now all of your friends are the believers? What if you do what you want to do, knowing that everyone has critics, so you may as well please yourself (as you can never be assured of pleasing anyone else)? What if you believe so much you see every obstacle as a challenge, overcome it and move on?
Dale Carnegie said ‘Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success’
Do you think this is the place where magic exists? I do! See you on the road less travelled …
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