The Benefits of Working From Home …

We are really keen on working from home, it is so flexible, it fits around the rest of our lives and it saves so much time and money. So we thought we would highlight some of the benefits as we see them;

You save so much time; have you ever counted up the amount of hours you spend on public transport and in your car just to get to and from your company’s various offices. Imagine getting all that time back as a gift. Well that is what working from home gives you; the gift of all of those hours. Some would call that priceless!

You save so much money; on all of the travel costs above but also on dry-cleaning, shoe repairs and sandwiches from the local-to-your-office deli. I have also had the huge good fortune to have an office near a shopping centre and the cost of lunchtimes just skyrockets. Do you know how many things you can find to want and need enough to buy in an hour? If you are anything like the Churchill Brook team quite a few

You can get your washing machine repaired; or any other household appliance. Now you’re home to take deliveries, get things serviced, have things fixed and take part in phone surveys. Ok, so the last one isn’t really a benefit but the first three most definitely are. No more weekend call out charges and everything in full working order makes for a happy home life

You can walk the children and take the dog to school; or something like that. This also fits in the money saving category as the dog-walker and childminder costs can be high but it is so important to your overall quality of life we have given it a heading of it’s own. For some people being able to take their children to and from school is one of working from homes biggest gifts. I recently read somewhere that children spell love TIME ,so to all of you doing the school run, it is worth more than you think

Your day is flexible; you can set tasks for the day and achieve them as and when you want to fit around your other plans. Both a colleague and I are real night owls so can often be found at our computers well into the small hours. This means we get a lot of our tasks done outside traditional working hours so have more time for other things during the day. Of course this depends on client requirements and your company’s policy but for many this is a huge benefit

You are at home until you start work and immediately you finish; of course technically you’re there whilst you’re working too but you are available for social things for more hours of the day. This means that you can fit in more leisure, or pleasure, time and you are more able to commit to regular classes that start at what might be an awkward time for the average commuter; whether that be college, dancing, the gym or something else, you can probably now get to class week on week

We would love to hear from any of you that work from home what your greatest benefit is. Do you agree with us or is it something else for you?

For help working out how to work from home or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at

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