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Transform your capacity to attract your dream employer or client

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to get through to someone you really want to reach.
And when that ‘someone’ is a potential employer or client, it’s not just frustrating. It can adversely impact your here-and-now livelihood – your capacity to earn a decent living – and your ability to create the career and life you want.
At Churchill Brook we have always prided ourselves on our capacity to connect job searchers and employers in innovative new ways.
In recent months it has become increasingly clear to us that – for many job seekers and freelancers – a new kind of breakthrough is needed.

A way to get through as never before.
A way to transform your odds of attracting your dream employer or client.

Things are not what they were. See how the tables have turned

In the twelve years I spent as an international headhunter, I learnt that it was often best not to advertise roles.
Do that – and you’d get inundated with a flood of replies that you’d then have to sift through. An endless task… with little or no chance of actually finding that great person at the end of it.
Instead then, I’d often go on LinkedIn – as so many employers and recruitment consultants now do – to see the profiles that best matched my criteria.
Even there though – you are largely relying on the power of the written word.
So it’s smart to know how to make the very most of such profiles.
It's smart to put yourself where your audience is looking.

Breaking through the biggest bottleneck of our times

So you may have experienced how – when you do respond to a job advertised, you hear ‘not a dicky bird’ back… and how, as that silence continues, it can start to erode your confidence and morale.
Something we witnessed recently opened our eyes to another way.
A company we respect immensely did not ask applicants to send in their details. They asked for a video.
A particular video soon caught our eye. Shortly afterwards, we weren’t surprised to learn that this same girl went on to clinch what was a very sought-after job.
And yes, she did it with a video.
The way to now break through the bottleneck.
Short of camping out in reception…
We believe there’s no better way to put yourself in front of someone than video.
The case for using video has become overwhelming and irresistible.
In this context, it makes huge sense. For two reasons.

·         It is appealing – as it can make the recruitment process a lot more engaging and interesting for the viewer.

·         It is invaluable – as it can also enable the viewer to really ‘get you’ – to get a feel for you – how you tick and how you come across.
Need it be said? People on paper… and people in the flesh… can be two very different things.
That said, there are videos… and there are videos.
Making sure what you capture is ‘good enough’
Just as we can all be photographers now… so we can also all be videographers.
We have the technology, after all, don’t we?
Yes, there are times when a spontaneous thirty-second home video recorded straight into your computer… is all you need.
And presenting to a future employer or client is not one of those times.
In fact, a poorly recorded video – maybe done on your iPhone – could actually do you more harm than good.
Having a professionally produced – and professionally edited – video can make a world of difference to whom you reach – and how you land with them.
Having spent a day with us – we will pass your video footage to our ex-BBC editor – and having forwarded it to you, we will then support you to make the very most of this video asset.
Create a video of yourself that you’re actually happy to watch…
Book your place on our Face to face event here (see full package details below)



Face to Face Video (regularly £1290.50) £830.50 inc vat

Why they’ll see you at your best…
When you’re making a personal presentation, there are two ingredients that are always key.
Certainty and energy.
If you’re crystal clear about what you’re saying – that is soon patently obvious. (And so is the opposite.)
In the same way – if you feel relaxed, comfy and even in your element – that will also have a massive impact on how what you say is received.
In fact – with body language being the most influential factor in face-to-face communication – how you communicate actually counts for more than the ‘what’.
It’s with this is mind that we work closely with you before the day – and on the day.
To capture you at your best.
Make yourself irresistible… to you-know-who.
In creating these Face-to-Face events, we wanted to make sure you had enough of a team supporting you – to create a video good enough to make you irresistible to your dream employer or client.
Imagine having three kinds of know-how working in your favour:
          Knowing how the world of recruitment works – and what employers (and clients) are looking for – and also crucial ‘insider’ secrets
          Knowing how to bring a new clarity, energy and ‘edge’ to your personal story – so it achieves your desired outcome.
          Knowing how to feel comfy and relaxed in front of the camera – and how to optimise the impact of your video by capturing the authentic ‘you’.
The three of us – Julie Holmwood, Jonathan Hughes and Jay Blake – do have three distinct areas of expertise. Yet we all share:
          A proven ability to connect individuals with their target audience – one way or another
          A commitment to helping you
That’s why we will be helping you before the day, on the day and after the day. To make sure we give you – not just a video – but a means of creating a powerful connection with your dream employer or client.
And if you’re sitting there thinking ‘But I don’t really know who that is, yet’ – don’t worry – giving you that clarity is a key part of what we are offering here.
It’s also why we’ve created today's webinar. So you can fire any questions at us.
We sincerely believe we’ve created a way to transform your odds of attracting that dream employer or job.
Interested? Book today.

Your Face-to-face package includes:

BEFORE THE DAY: You’ll receive short questionnaire to return to us. * You’ll have a short Skype interview with two of the team – so we can hit the ground running on the day, and handle any questions. * You’ll also receive a checklist of what to bring – including preparation tips, so you get the most from the day.
ON THE DAY: An introductory session (plenary) * professional make-up support so you look your best * one-to-one preparation * a one-to-one video session – where you’re interviewed on camera * a final session to hear insights & questions & help you leverage the power of your video. (Incl. PDF hand-outs).
NB: The day includes full refreshments & a 4 star, two-course brasserie lunch.
AFTER THE DAY: Your video footage is professionally edited and finalised by our ex-BBC editing team * You receive your video * A follow-up Skype call will support you to put your plans into action
NB: Please know that – aside from the Skype call – we intend to ‘be there’ for you after the day – to help you fully leverage the power of your video.
BONUS: We have also decided to include a reworking of your paper cv – or business bio – to ensure it dovetails with the video we produce. Value £197.



So that's what we'll be giving you. We hope you realise what great value this is – when you realise the commitment we share to helping you – before, during and after the day – and helping you make the connection you want to make – to clinch that dream job or client.
We look forward to seeing you on September 7th at the Oxford Malmaison Hotel.
Julie, Jonathan & Jay
Please know that this event is limited to twelve applicants.
We encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment and to enjoy the Early Bird rate.
Transform your odds of attracting your dream employer or client…
Book your place on our Face to face event here

Face to Face Video (regularly £1290.50) £830.50 inc vat

No refunds, exchanges only.