Walking away if the package is wrong …

You got the offer but the package wasn’t what you hoped, it doesn’t even match your minimum requirements and the Company are not able to make you any kind of new offer that works for you. It’s your dream job and you have really fallen in love with the idea of it. So do you walk away?

Of course, this is a question only you can answer, as you are the only person that will live with your decision. Here are some questions we would suggest you consider;

  • Are there other ‘dream jobs’ out there for you?
  • Even if it is going to take longer can you apply for something else?
  • Can you live on the package you are being offered?
  • Can you adjust your outgoings accordingly?
  • How important is the financial aspect of your life and how much impact will it have on your happiness?
  • Will you be able to enjoy the role based on accepting this offer?
  • When will there be the possibility of promotion?
  • Will promotion bring with it a pay-rise that will take you into a salary bracket you are comfortable with?
  • How long is that likely to take and will the Company make you any sort of guarantees?
  • Is it worth taking this step because of where it will lead you in both experience and opportunity?
  • Is the happiness you will gain from the job worth more than the difference between what you want and what you will need to accept?
  • When you shut your eyes and block out all the usual day-to-day noise what does your heart say?
  • When you visualise turning the role down how do you feel?
  • When you visualise accepting the role how do you feel?
  • What is your gut instinct saying you should do?


Consider all of these things. Make a list of pros and cons. Take your time. Most companies will hold open a job offer for four weeks before it becomes invalid so taking a week to make your decision is more than acceptable; discuss this with the person that made you the offer. Advise them that you are really keen to accept but the package doesn’t match what you were seeking and you need time to think things through. Any company that you want to work for is going to be more than happy for you to take the time you need to come to the right decision. The last thing they want is for you to accept and either be unhappy in the role or to be looking for a new job within a short time frame.

Try not to talk to too many people (other than your coach). Everyone you know will have an opinion and you might just find yourself with twenty-five points of view, an overload of information and more confusion than you started with. Take some time out. Sleep on it. Meditate on the options and be led by your instinct. You can’t see what is around the corner but you can feel your way to happiness!

For help with the interview process or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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