What Drives YOU …

Ok, so comparing yourself to a car might not be the usual thing you do, but bear with me and let’s see where this analogy takes us;

  • Just like cars people have a different, but not dissimilar, range of speed and distance
  • Just like cars people have a different, but not dissimilar, 0-60 time
  • Just like a car, you function better when you are well-maintained and cared for
  • Just like a car, you function better when you have the right fuel
  • Just like a car, you can be stopped / parked, travelling slowly or moving very fast
  • Just like a car, you can change direction at any point in your journey
  • Just like a car, you will reach your destination if you remain focused on one end-point and continue moving, at any speed, towards it
  • Just like a car, depending what (who) is driving you will depend on what your performance will be. The range of potential is there, whether you use it or not is optional!
So, what is driving you right now? When you wake up in the morning what is the first and then the second and then the third thing you think about? How much time and attention do you give to planning your day(s) and how diligent are you in carrying out those plans?
You may be familiar with the John Lennon quote ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making plans’
It is oh so easy to want to do something and end up doing something else entirely. You might want to read a chapter of a particular book, but the day passes with one thing, followed by another thing, followed by yet another thing (work, children, housework, phone-calls, family, friends …) and before you know it, you are headed to bed, eyelids already heavy, chapter unread. Or perhaps you want to learn a new skill but you don’t find time to research where to go to learn that, let alone sign-up and begin? Perhaps you are so caught up in the doing of your life that you don’t make time for the planning and the pulling together of new things? One thing is certain; all the experts, successful people and people you look to as role-models and mentors agree with Tony Robbins when he said; ‘If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten’
So what drives you towards your dream? What is it that keeps you focused on your vision even when it is easier, in that split second of time, not to be? Even the biggest plans and the highest hopes are easy to tuck into the corner of your mind marked ‘tomorrow’. The trick to achieving anything and therefore everything is to move what you want into the present. Think about it now, dream about it now, remember it now and take one action step towards it now, today, before lunch if you can! Make what you want your priority; you are the only person that can. Take responsibility for your life and what happens in it
What is your inspiration; more responsibility, more time, more money, more love, more happiness, more … you fill in the blank. Then consider what that means to you; when I have more responsibility at work I will have more influence and will be able to implement some of my great plans. When I have more time I will have the freedom to get creative with some new ideas. When I have more money I will be able to update my wardrobe. When I have more love I will have someone to talk to late at night. Start seeing how that is going to look in your life. Start imagining it, dreaming it, envisioning it. Now plan what you can do right now to take a step towards that. Anything, any size, you don’t need to think logical order and you don’t need to take a big step. Do anything, just do it now!
If you are struggling to make time, have focus or commit to taking regular daily steps then consider getting a coach. Much as a personal trainer focuses your fitness, then a coach will focus your career and lifestyle. Coaching gives you dedicated time every week to work on the plans you have, that otherwise get side-stepped in favour of all of those things that need doing, the things that didn’t help you reach your dream yesterday and that won’t help you reach your dream today either. Plus a good coach will help you set daily and weekly tasks that they will hold you accountable for, so moving your life higher up the scale of living.
Our thought for today then is this; don’t let living life get in the way of living the life of your dreams!
For help actualising your dreams or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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