What is a CV? …

A CV (curriculum vitae), or resume in some parts of the world, is a short factual document about you, your work history, skills and experience. A good CV is essential when you are looking for a new role and we can not stress how important it is to take your time to get it right. This is your personal equivalent of a marketing brochure and is going to sell who you are and what you can do to a potential employer, enough to get them to want to know more and therefore call you forward for interview. Basic tips include;

  • The layout should be neat and tidy and easy for someone to read
  • Should be kept to a maximum of four sides of A4 (unless otherwise stated by the Company)
  • Be positive about all of the relevant things you have done in relation to the type of role you are applying for
  • Be accurate. Most companies take references, many these days also include background screening in their recruitment process. This means that all dates, job titles, qualifications and specific achievements will be verified. Most people don’t mind what grade you got in your exams; they do care that you’re honest!
  • Be spelt correctly; use your spell checker!

For help creating the perfect CV or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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