Welcome to the new career paridigm

We are the career changers

If you are thirty-plus welcome to the new professional generation – we are the career changers. 
Did you know, we are the first generation that has had the option to manage our own career. Our parents were job movers. Our grandparents had a job for life. We are creating a new career paradigm and we are working our way.
We not only have the choice to move UP the career ladder. We can actually change ladders along the way.
Because we live longer? Commute more? Have the technology to work remotely? Receive more external stimulus, so have evolving dreams? It could be any or all of these reasons. The underlying truth is that the choice and the decisions are all down to you.
Never has there been a time when managing your own career was so important. It's no longer your boss's job to spot your abilities and promote you. You don't have to wait to be appreciated, recognised, rewarded, for a job well done. You can move company… you can change direction and start a new career.
You really can live life on your terms. Your way.

How do you manage your own career?

It takes work, it takes courage, it takes a passion for living that makes you want to live life to the full. No Monday haters here.
You are ready to do what it takes. Prepared to leap into the great unknown. Because waking up and wanting to go to work, is more important to you than maintaining the status quo. You don’t fear change; your greatest fear is to die having never changed. Having lived a half life where you ‘did ok’
Getting out there is scary. But better than that… It’s exhilarating. It’s thrilling. It’s fun… and it will give you the greatest satisfaction you’ve ever felt. Career empowerment rocks!

Where do Churchill Brook fit in?

We help you on your journey. Your travelling companion down the career road less travelled. We help you find ‘it’ (if ‘it’ is missing) and then we help you reach ‘it’
Finding your 'it'
Career (re)positioning
Career transition – new job / new career
Getting headhunted
Interview coaching
and More ….
Get ready. You are in for the ride of your life… your life is calling. It says:
Live me, Love me, Enjoy me to the full
Can you hear it?
If you are ready
If you are willing
We will make you able
Julie Holmwood
Churchill Brook; Career Empowerment Officer
ps – managing your own career is the best job you'll ever have. If you're ready to fall in love with Mondays it's time for us to talk.

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