What’s In A Name

Today I was reminded of the power of a name

Or lack of it.
Sometime ago I wanted to set up a bit of an anonymous email address. So I could give a contact email to all those shopping sites, without them being able to plague me on my day-to-day regular account.
Kind of like sending everything direct to your spam folder… only I use gmail and my spam folder sits on hotmail. In fact it is my hotmail email address.
As I am writing this I am secretly hoping you are not someone I gave that address to… sorry if you are.
Anyway, today I connected with someone new… a professional contact of a professional contact… and got a very unprofessional address.

It got me to thinking about you and your job search

If you're applying for a new job. Or you’re somewhere through the interview process for that great role. Make sure all the contact details you give them sound good.
I like first name dot last name at blah-blah for email.
First name dot last name for Skype.
If those are already taken you can often still get your name when you include a middle initial.
Or add your job title at the end; julie.holmwood-jobseekers.guide@blah-blah.com
But never foxy dot lady… or hungry dot for dot you…

Never those email names for work people

You might be the opposite of me. You might like to use your anonymous email address most of the time. Perhaps you have a hobby and you are chess dot guy? Or ironman dot emma. In which case you might want to set up a ‘work friendly’ address to use less frequently.
But to make that right first impression, use formal contact names. Always. Every time.
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