Where are the Vacancies?

Not all vacancies are openly advertised and recruited for by the Company that is hiring

Many open job vacancies start their journey with a recruiter or headhunter.
Typically a vacancy listed with an agency will be advertised with the Company name omitted. 
If the vacancy is with a headhunter you will only hear about it when you get ‘the call’.

How do you get yourself inline for these jobs?

Research the top agencies within your chosen field and contact them
Most agencies prefer it if you work with them exclusively so you are better to pick one to send your CV to. Decide who you think will work most proactively on your behalf. You can ask questions like;
– Do you have many clients that look to hire someone with my skills and experience; and
– Will you speak to multiple clients about me?
Then agree a set time of exclusivity; two to four weeks depending on the seniority of the role would be a good starting point. You can always extend that if you think they are doing a great job.

To get ‘the call’ from a headhunter you need to be ‘found’
A colleague or friend recommends you; let people know you are at least open to look for a new role and that you are happy for them to pass on your number.
You've spoken at an event or published an article; if you are looking, make sure your contact details are easy to find within your work.
Professional networking sites such as linkedin.com. LinkedIn is much used by headhunters; make sure your profile is complete and includes relevant information. Link to people so that you appear in more networks and join relevant groups as a place to strike up conversations that put you 'above the parapit'
Other online networks. Personally, I have used Facebook to find people; normally by posting on my status that anyone with x, y and z should ping me an email. Equally that is another chance for your friend or relative to put your name forward.
For help working with agencies, being found by headhunters or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches
Author of 'Get That Interview' and 'Click Your Way to Career Success', Julie is the Lead Career Coach at Churchill Brook. She works with clients to develop their personal branding, promote themselves via social media and to find their passion, both in the work they are doing and the work that they want to do. Her approach is that of part coach, part mentor and part consultant. She is available to work with limited clients on a one-to-one basis OR via our executive CV and LinkedIn product options (check out ‘what we offer’).
Before joining Churchill Brook in 2009, she spent twelve years as an international headhunter, where she successfully helped her clients to recruit exceptional people. She is an expert at getting candidates noticed by companies and had one of the highest success ratios for CV submission to hire that we know of within the recruitment industry
Talk to her on Facebook,   Twitter and LinkedIn
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