Which Social Media is going to help your career?

When faced with a busy diary

and an active social calendar spending more time online might not be top of your agenda
But if you are looking to either change direction or further your career in some way then half an hour a day might be just the career workout you are looking for.
There are lots of social media sites, I get invited to a new one that I hadn’t previously heard of at least once a month, but if you are looking to be found then sticking with the bigger brands is probably going to the right route to go; they are already being picked up by the search engines and they are also where someone who is looking for someone just like you (in fact it could even be you) is going to go.
– you can create a personal profile and give a brief career bio in the work and education section of the info tab. Companies like finding people on Facebook as it gives them an insight into you the person rather than just your professional profile on your CV and in industry news publications.
– if you have a specific skill-set, a vast amount of knowledge on your specialist subject or you are looking to change career direction blogging might be for you. Experts advise that you blog on a regular basis so that your followers get used to knowing when to look for you. Regular can of course be the first Monday of the month and shouldn’t be confused with frequent. Blogging is a great way to show people that you know your subject and will gain you something of a following. This is of course fantastic for career enhancement. It is also perfect if you are looking to change direction and you know a huge amount about your new career path but lack the job history on your CV. Sharing what you know via blogs will get you known within your new field of interest and considered for potential roles.
– if you can put your point over in 140 characters or less this might just be for you. In seriousness it is somewhere to promote your blog, speaking schedule or papers and books you have written / been part of. It is also somewhere to know and get known by people in your new field if you are looking to change direction. Start by following the people that you admire and then get involved in chat.
– is a fabulous place to post your CV without saying ‘I am posting my CV’. You can link to people in your industry; I used to invite people I met at trade shows to connect. You can also find people in a direction you want to head and start networking with people there. There are also some great groups which run question and answer sessions. Join in. Either answer some questions, post a thought or ask something yourself. Without overdoing it, if you can get your name to come up here and there people will start clicking through to look at your profile and see who you are. If you are looking to make a current hobby your career, find a way to say that in the summary section.
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