Who do you really work for? …

Is that a funny question? Are you giving me the name on the top of your payslip whilst you’re reading this? If so, how long have you thought that was the right answer? Have I lost you yet with these questions?

Here is an idea I had. You are really working for yourself. You might currently be in an employed position working for a specific company, but how long have you worked there and how much longer do you think you will stay? In the bigger scheme of your life your work is your work. We sell ourselves in the short-term to company A, then onto company B, a little stint with company C and then twice as long with company D because they expand and we get promoted. But who are you really working for? Who gets the benefit of your extended learning from all the training courses you attend. Who gets the benefit of the additional knowledge and experience you have gained? That’s right, it’s YOU!

Every day you go to work and you complete your tasks. When you have learnt enough ‘stuff’ combined with right attitude you are ready for more responsibility, more money or both. On occasion that will happen at your company; you get a significant pay rise and/or you get promoted. Often that happens by reading the vacancy column or via that call most flattering from a headhunter. You move on to pastures new, where you repeat the process of learning ‘stuff’ and displaying the right attitude. Which is why I suggest your work is your work. You are managing your own career, planning your own path and moving at your own pace.

Does that change the way you think and feel about your current job? Does it make you want to give more time and thought to the direction you are heading? Does it give you added confidence and courage to shape your own outcome? 

For help getting clear on your career path or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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