Will Your Facebook Status Get You Dismissed? …

You have to be in the office by 9am. You have to stay until 5.30pm. You have to work during the hours inbetween. Companies have so many rules!
For a long time, in some cases forever, there have been embargos on using Facebook at work. Understandable if the stats are right about how much time we all spend on it. I know there are days when I get very distracted by all the chit-chat.
Now though it seems we have entered a brand new era. Companies are creating policies that tell you what you can and can’t say on Facebook. Out of hours! How does that work? You are at home, the place where you pay the mortgage, using your own computer, that you paid for too, logged onto your private Facebook account and you can’t talk about certain things. Has it happened to you yet? Do you mind?
Maybe this is old news to you?
As long ago as 2008 eighteen Metropolitan Police officers were subject to formal discipline proceedings for using Facebook to brag about car crashes.
Employment law specialist, Ben Doherty said; ‘Staff should be aware that if their out-of-work activity causes potential embarrassment for the employer or detrimentally effects the employer's reputation then the employer is entitled to take disciplinary action’
Companies are continually being advised to create policies that identify certain social behaviours as gross misconduct. If your company has such a policy in place then you could be dismissed if you break the rules. It appears that to enforce this, employers are spending more time monitoring social media sites.
In 2008 conversations on Personnel Today cited Facebook as being the latest in a long line of ‘fads’ and it was even speculated that it would be replaced by 2010.
This is clearly not the case; is that the reason behind the increase in social media policies in the workplace?
Has your career been adversely affected by such a policy?
Does your Company have a standpoint on this and do you agree or disagree with it? 
Are you frustrated by your career success (or lack of it)? Are you really good at what you do but you just can’t work out how to get someone to realise? Is it difficult to get taken seriously where you are? Do you just wish you could find your dream job and be happy?
There’s nothing wrong with you. Most people have felt like you do at some point in their career. We are your career solution experts. Find out how to work with us here

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