Wolves That Run With the Poodles …

I admit in advance, I’m using a play on words using the titles of books from the mid-nineties. What am I talking about? Those of you in the corporate world that are housing an inner entrepreneur. Sometimes it is fun being a square peg in an otherwise round hole. I have seen entrepreneurs thrive within the corporate environment. Of course, they tend to get promoted because they go the extra mile. Either that or fired for being 'different'
So how do you identify whether you have an inner entrepreneur?
Ideas Machine When you have a stream of new ideas and your mind is constantly attuned to finding new ways of working, better techniques, implementing processes and your friends look to you as a bit of an ideas machine, you might be an entrepreneur
Work Outside the Typical Working Hours I was joking with a new friend last week about staying in to work when I’m developing a new programme because it is my favourite thing to do. When you are attached to a pad and are always jotting down notes and ideas (back to the ideas machine). When you get up in the morning and immediately start work and I’m talking about the weekend here. When you switch off your laptop and then switch it back on again. All of these things could signify that you are an entrepreneur
One of Your Biggest (if not the biggest) Passions is Working When someone asks you about your hobbies and the thing you want to list, top of the heap, is work. When it drives you, rather than you driving it. When you are SO passionate about your work, people spot your enthusiasm just by talking to you online. These things could suggest that you’re an entrepreneur
Think Differently About Life When the way you think about life is different to the mainstream. When you see TV as an interruption to having fun. When you see that you can create anything you want. When you take responsibility for your life and what happens within it. When you start with the end in mind and focus on getting to where you want to be above all (mostly all) else. You guessed it, you might be an entrepreneur
You See Obstacles as Challenges When every obstacle (and everyone has obstacles) looks like a challenge and you are just looking for a workaround. When your ideas machine kicks straight into action as soon as an obstacle comes close. I think it is safe to say, you are probably an entrepreneur
SO, the wolves are still reading and the poodles have gone onto reading something else. The true definition of success is being happy with one's lot, so there are no right answers to my next questions; are you happy running with the poodles? Do you like it? Does it feel comfortable?
Or do you dream of having your own business one day? What would you do? Have you identified your business opportunity? Do you know when you want to do it?
If you are looking to set something up then the end is a great place to start. Think about your business. What you want it to look like? How much time you will spend working? What your entire life will look like? Start making a plan. Work it backwards. If you need help, hire a coach.
This is your life. Whatever your beliefs, you are only you once. Make it count. Make yourself happy.
For help following your dreams or making the transition from where you are to where you want to be please contact one of our Consultant Coaches at churchillbrook@gmail.com

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