Worktime -v- Playtime

Those of you on an upward spiral might have had a grey area in your life for some time as to where work time stops and play time starts. Often a cause of marital discord the most offensive item has become the BlackBerry and / or the iPhone. A constant contact to the office and a perpetual reminder that other people, elsewhere, are working when you are not, they have us all checking and replying to work emails at obscure hours of the day and night. Whatever happened to the idea that we worked nine-to-five Monday to Friday?
When are we working too hard? When do we acknowledge that we are spending too much time on work functions? When is enough really enough?
Everyone knows the term work-life balance. According to personal development expert and author Susan Jeffers our lives should contain nine distinct areas. What the nine are is up to you but you might have things like; social life, a hobby, friends, work, downtime, sport, family, spouse or partner and children. Now consider how much time you spend on each one, per day or per week. If you work full-time it is reasonable to think that gets the lions-share of your time during the working week but what about at weekends? Your children might take a lot of your non-work time during the week but what about your hobby; do you have time for that? Is it something you can do with your children or your spouse and therefore make more of the time you have by way of balancing what you want to do.
There are no right or wrong answers with this. There is only what is right for you and your nearest and dearest. Typically we are staying in one role for three to four years (I know that is a very broad sweep of a statement) but my next point is this. Your body and your children last a lifetime. It is important that you devote time and energy to both of them. Your spouse will hopefully have some longevity too; quality time might make this more likely to be so.
Although your job is the thing that takes the most of your waking hours in the day-to-day of living, your current employer will probably only be in your life for a short time. I am not suggesting that you lose focus on work, give less than 100% or start taking a devil-may-care attitude to your boss. Just maybe keep the other things in your life in some kind of perspective
When I go on holiday my iPhone stays home; surprised!?
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