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More often than not… to help you clinch a great job, you need


to have a great CV

Today’s figures suggest that jobs can attract in excess of 300 – and in some cases, as many as 1000 applications.
Imagine being in a room with that many other people. You’re stood in the middle of the crowd. Everyone is speaking. How are you EVER going to make yourself heard? How are you going to be the one who stands out?
What could you do? What would you say?
Now think about your CV for a moment. It’s just a document attached to an email.

How are you going to get it read?

How are you going to get someone to open your attachment?
Then, once it is open, how are you going to get that person… (you know, the one who is bored of reading CVs now. Who has already read WAY too many emails today. And who is desperate to find the right person for this role, so they can get the help within the business they so desperately need) – how ON EARTH are you going to get that person to give your CV any more than a cursory six-second glance?
These are the questions I’ve been asking myself for over fourteen years. This has been my mission. Part of my life’s work. To get YOU not just noticed by that person. To get you considered as an interviewable candidate for that job.
The conclusions I’ve come to have been reached at the coal face. Almost twelve years as a frontline headhunter has taught me a lot!
During that time I’ve also spoken to hundreds, possibly thousands, of hiring managers and company executives who have shared with me the real secrets to what they’re looking for.

They’ve also shared with me what it is you need to say to make yourself heard in that crowded room

What I want to do now is to pass that knowledge on to you… so I wrote a book entitled Get That Interview. Tips, theory, step-by-step instruction. It’s all there. And although people have been slow to comment on Amazon, the personal reviews I’ve received have blown my mind.
People have been helped. They know more… and they get more interviews… and of course, the main thing is they get that job!
To say they’ve been delighted is an understatement. To say I feel the same doesn’t even come close.
But there is more. For some people, perhaps you are one of them, you want a check point. Someone who will take the work you’ve done on your brand new, crowd-eliminating, CV and review it for you. Give you feedback. Tips. Suggestions. Let you know you’ve landed your application in the right room. That you’re talking to the right hiring managers and recruiters, so they will notice you in that room full of people when you go for your dream job.
I’ve added a review service. It’s not compulsory that you’ve read my book and done the action steps… you can get your CV reviewed any time. No matter how old it is. Or who wrote it.
By review I mean a detailed report giving you tips and suggestions for the parts that can be improved. So you have a detailed guide by which to complete your CV in a winning format.
Buy a CV Review Now
(regularly £197) £130

Still, some of you wanted more. Maybe you do too. Perhaps the idea of following the book, or actioning the steps of my review sound great… but they’re not for you. Maybe you really prefer to keep your main thing, the main thing… and have me write your CV for you?
In writing your CV I would tailor it to a specific audience. Talk to people in a particular room. If you’ve read my book, you will know I believe whole-heartedly in tailoring applications. Not sometimes but 100% of the time.
With that in mind, my CV service is VERY specific. It follows all the steps of my book. Exactly as I recommend (of course!).
'Done For You' CV Service

'Done For You' CV Service
2 pay plan, £249 every 10 days
(2 instalments)

Plus it includes a covering letter. Targeted to that same job.
Because, let’s face it. Not having a covering letter – by that I mean wording for the body of your application email, is like not having an invite to a VIP party. You end up hearing all the noise… and seeing all the action… from outside the room.
Can you make yourself visible from there? No way!
Plus, because I know you might want to apply for two or three roles before you get that job, I offer to tailor your CV and write you a new covering letter twice more. As part of the same service.
Because really, you have to be very lucky indeed to get that first job you apply for. But three interview opportunities might just seal the deal. Or should that be a contract of employment?
'Done For You' CV Service

So there are your choices. The book. The CV review. And the full CV service – including having both your CV and your covering letter (written three times!)
Does my approach work?
Consider this story.
One of our clients worked at Director level on a six-figure package. After a sabbatical, she began sending out her CV, with high expectations. Ten months later, she hadn’t had a single interview… and began applying for roles paying £25,000. With our help, in a matter of weeks, she had two inspiring offers on the table that fitted the bill.
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