Thank You For Your Order

Thank you for ordering our 'Done For You' CV service, to give your CV the advantage.
Your payment has been received and we are standing by to rewrite your CV and Cover Letter.
Please email your current CV along with outline(s) (or job spec(s)) for the role(s) you are currently applying for. Also include your contact details and a best time to reach you. If you use Skype, please send your Skype ID.
What happens now:
– We read your current CV and the information regarding the role(s) you are applying for
– We set up a time to talk with you about your job search and identify key points that are important to you, which may not have made it into your application. We will also ask lots of questions about what you've done so far, to make sure all your key achievements and accomplishments are included in your new CV and Covering Letter – allow 60 minutes
– We find out about any job applications you want to apply for and their closing dates, so we can agree a timely service. (typically the 'done for you' CV service takes 10 working days, but in special circumstances, if you have an application deadline, we can sometimes complete them faster)
– We liaise with you throughout the CV and Cover Letter creation, asking and answering questions
– We return your 'Done For You' CV to you along with a Cover Letter, both tailored for up to 3 jobs.
You have six months from the date of order to claim your three versions of your CV and Cover Letter. Unless agreed in advance, you should typically allow ten working days to receive each draft when submitted separately.
We keep in touch with you and follow the steps of your job search
If you have any additional questions or would like any further help in your job search, please do not hesitate to contact us.